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Right Hand Drive - news

Sept 1st 2014.

This is an anniversary weekend. On this weekend a few years ago, Right Hand Drive production was supposed to wrap. Saturday was the last planned day of shooting but 2am came and we found it impossible to complete all the shots. Sunday was a day off and Monday was a bank holiday. We had no choice but to send everyone home and reconvene on the following Tuesday for one last day.


** Update** Feb 2014.

Finally the movie is available for streaming on Amazon. Check it out here: Don't forget to write a review!


** Merry Christmas Everyone!

To all our friends, fans, cast and crew . . . MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year for 2013!


** Update** 21st Feb 2011.

Thanks to the University of Mary Washington for showing our film last Saturday. It was a huge theater and great audience. Kudos to Ruth who managed the event so excellently.

Congratulations to the lucky door prize winner who received one of these :


11th Feb 2011.

Virginia premiere! The movie will be shown at the University Mary Washington, Fredericksburg Virginia on Saturday Feb 19th 2011, 7pm Dodd Auditorium

Q & A with director follows - all the inside scoop!


24th March 2010.

Today is a red-letter day. The final masters for "Right Hand Drive" were delivered to our worldwide distributor "Porchlight Entertainment". And I guess we should have mentioned that we are very happy that Porchlight will be handling distribution for Right Hand Drive from here on. So, if you're looking for quality entertainment, a premiere in your area, contact:

Porchlight Entertainment (310) 477-8400


also, more information is available on their website.

In other news since our long absence, Annabelle Wallis our leading lady has starred in the BBC series 'The Tudors' alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers.


** Update** 17th July 2009.

We are pleased to announce that Ostrow and Company are now representing "Right Hand Drive". For information on worldwide rights to the film please contact:

Ostrow & Company. (310) 276-5007


also, more information is available on their website.

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** Update** 1st June 2009.

'Right Hand Drive' has been selected to screen at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.


The festival runs from June 24th to June 27th. No screening times have been announced yet.

** Update** 28th April 2009.

CORRECTION - 'Right Hand Drive' will now be showing at 10am (Not 12noon as previously noted) on Friday May 8th in the British Film Festival of LA. The venue is the same as before. The Custom Hotel http://www.customhotel.com/

Also, in other good news, Ed Jaspers has been nominated for 'Best Actor'. Awards wil be presented that same Friday evening. See http://www.britishfilmfest.com/ for more details.

** Update** 13th April 2009.

Right Hand Drive' will be showing at:

12 noon on Friday May 8th in the British Film Festival of LA. The venue is the Custom Hotel http://www.customhotel.com/

** Update** 11th April 2009.

CAST AND CREW SCREENING at Whirled ART. It was great to see all of you who came out to see the private premiere London Screening last Sunday. Especially those of you who came all the way from the West Country. Some of us came all the way across the Atlantic, and it was very gratifying to see your reactions.

** Update** 28th February 2009.

'Right Hand Drive' has been accepted to screen in the British Film Festival of LA.


The festival runs from May 3rd to May 8th.


** Update** 26th October 2008.

Post Production is officially finished on 'Right Hand Drive'. Applause!

Champagne please . . . ahhh I'm sorry, but the money for the Champagne toast was spent on ADR!!
Never mind. This is indeed a good day, and well worth waiting for. Now begins the voyage to the audience. We trust it won't be as long as it took to reach today!


** Update** 12th October 2008.

Sound design is complete! Color grading is complete!

With the finished Sound tracks arriving from London "Right Hand Drive" will be completed this week. Sound and picture will be reunited , and yes, the film will be finished. Very exciting news indeed! We will be cutting DVD's and arranging for the HD master and having a minor celebration. Details of a Premiere to follow.

All rights for "Right Hand Drive" are still available.

August 2008.

Well, this is the month we should finish, and we're getting close but maybe not quite close enough to make it this month. ADR has been taking place throughout July and that has been a cause of some delay due to the difficulty some actors have had in breaking away and coming in to the recording studio. The final 3 weeks of mixing should be taking place this month, but looks like it will slip due to the outstanding last remaining ADR session.

Color grading proceeds at a good pace, on schedule in the US, and yes, the film has been submitted to the Toronto Film Festival.

May 24 2008.

CELEBRATION! For the past month, Peter Hollywood of New Media Ventures has been finishing the picture edit, and we finally have locked the picture!

Peter, works at Pinewood Studios just outside of London. (phollywood@mac.com) The picture now moves over to the Sound Designer, for Foley, ADR and EFX work. So with the score underway and preparation beginning for picture color grading, it looks like a finished film is a distinct possibility for August. Celebration indeed! A year later than planned, but nevertheless an exciting milestone.

March 22nd 2008.

The big news this week is having the pleasure of George Kallis join us to score the music for the film. George (www.george-kallis.com) is a highly regarded new film composer based in London UK. He most recently scored the music for the latest Highlander film, Highlander-The Source.

We are still seeking a finishing editor, and a Sound designer, but we may have some announcements on that subject very shortly. Finishing funds are extremely tight, so we are always interested in hearing from any investors who can see the potential in this great film.

Since our last update, the whole movie has been successfully transferred from the Cineform based PC edit solution onto Apple's Final Cut Pro. Life is a lot simpler without the continual crashes!!

Check back soon for more updates.


For all of you who've emailed, asking about release dates and the trailer. Thanks for your interest. As soon as we are close to having distribution in place you'll be the first to know.
The trailer is waiting on the sound work so it's not too far away now.

Principal photography took place during August 2006 in various locations in Wiltshire. Shot on HDCAM AND the Silicon Imaging SI-1920HDVR, post-production is now in progress in the USA.

Wiltshire Times story:

For news about the production as it unfolds click here for the unofficial Right Hand Drive blog.